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A statewide non-profit dedicated to municipal streetlight management










Pay less to light your streets.

Improve light quality.

Use smart city technology now.

Headquartered in Wakefield, Rhode Island, PRISM Streetlights is a non-profit municipal collaboration with professional staff dedicated to providing streetlight management and equipment upgrades at the lowest cost with the highest quality service.  As the authors and proponents of the Municipal Streetlight Investment Act of 2013, we are invested in helping communities across the state to implement the Act in order to save money, improve light quality, and ensure better customer service to residents.    




344 Main Street, Suite 200 Wakefield, RI 02879

(401) 792-9900

Areas of Expertise

cost savings

PRISM is a non-profit collaboration.  The mission of PRISM is solely to reduce costs for the municipalities it serves.  To that end, we constantly look for more efficient ways to mange your streetlights, and pass on all savings to your residents.   


innovative technology

LED design and the incorporation of wireless, intelligent control systems sets PRISM apart from the electric company. Using this technology reduces costs and helps communities benefit from advanced emergency lighting and dimming capabilities.   


all inclusive streetlight management

We start with an analysis of your current system, then build a design to suit your community.  From coordinating with the electric company to financing and handling any legal issues that arise, we make the transition seamless.   Responsive maintenance and a 24 hour call center ensure municipal officials can focus on other aspects of management.  

It’s local professionals running a local non-profit. We use local electricians to do the work on local streetlights. And to me, that’s one of the benefits and that’s where a lot of our economy is going...and should be going.
— Jeff Broadhead

I’ve worked all over. It was an honor to help develop the PRISM model - it is best model for streetlight management in the country.
— George Woodbury, LightSmart Consulting